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New! Re:Old Games

 Post date: 2024/6/7 (Fri) 12:00 Poster: Midori Delete

>it sent me down an occult rabbit hole
Don't mess with the occult. Don't play with fire.

Re:Old Games

 Post date: 2024/5/23 (Thu) 07:23 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

EVE Burst Error

Old games

 Post date: 2024/5/23 (Thu) 01:39 Poster: Anonymouse Delete

I've begun playing the original Bible Black game. Its interesting but it sent me down an occult rabbit hole. Can anyone recommend some good VNs and Japanese PC titles from the 90s early 2000s? Just Japanese stuff.


 Post date: 2024/5/14 (Tue) 10:21 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

No no, you should take the sun in!

agoraphobia???? outside = bad

 Post date: 2024/5/12 (Sun) 16:05 Poster: Anonymouse Delete

I hate daylight for some reason. I've blocked up all the windows in my apartment and avoid going outside. Its too scary.

Hello again!

 Post date: 2024/4/27 (Sat) 08:32 Poster: realweezerfan93 Delete

30 GOTO 10

RE: Possible Wiki

 Post date: 2024/4/11 (Thu) 14:40 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

No need to feel any pressure, we're an open community for a reason on 9800 Central.
Any and all questions are welcome, and are usually answered by somebody who is available.

RE: Possible Wiki?

 Post date: 2024/4/11 (Thu) 12:58 Poster: Saad Delete

Makes sense, I would love to fucking like, get over my intense fear of talking in new discord servers and try and get some feedback and discuss it with people, but for now i'll be lurking, and tbh joining and then instantly asking people to help me just feels shameful.
On your one person remark, yeah you're right, but I'm currently in the perfect situation to grind out and put as much information as possible over on Retro. A national strike going on is giving me all the free time in the world. And at least i got one of the admins to help me with stuff :p

RE: Possible Wiki?

 Post date: 2024/4/11 (Thu) 07:41 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Quite frankly I've no idea anymore. It's been discussed over and over again, but nobody has an interest in really dedicating to it, and it's not like one person can cover everything since nobody in the scene can possibly know everything about the platform.

Possible Wiki?

 Post date: 2024/4/11 (Thu) 01:11 Poster: Saad Delete

found myself here through my usual web surfing, ended up on a discord server for the PC-98 which RULES. Cool place :p
The idea of having a central english language wiki that covers info about the PC-9800 Series is appealing to me so...
I started work on that NEC Retro wiki! But i wanted to check here too, is there still any plans for a PC-98 wiki or is NEC Retro still the closest thing to it?


 Post date: 2024/4/9 (Tue) 11:39 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Alright, done the application through Edge.
It turns out that something in my browser (Waterfox) is triggering the KEEP OUT prompt.
Could be a plugin, could be Mozilla-related stuff, I've no idea.


 Post date: 2024/4/9 (Tue) 10:26 Poster: danchou Delete

I'm glad you liked it.
I've disabled the IP blacklist and you don't need to know all the answers.


 Post date: 2024/4/9 (Tue) 08:57 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Also, it seems my home IP is still getting blocked by your server.
The work IP isn't, though some of the registration questions are beyond my level of knowledge.


 Post date: 2024/4/9 (Tue) 08:43 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Danchou, I am absolutely floored by your amazing contribution, thank you so much!
I might put it as a site banner on random rotation at some point.

We should connect together again at some point, it's been too long.


 Post date: 2024/4/8 (Mon) 19:58 Poster: danchou Delete

Hello, I made a CMCG for your BBS:
Best regards.

RE: Anonymouse

 Post date: 2024/4/4 (Thu) 14:26 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Well... no, not at all. You got sexually harassed without even realizing it. Store staff is not paid to put their hands on people.

RE: Did you just say "watched you undress"?

 Post date: 2024/4/3 (Wed) 17:45 Poster: Anonymouse Delete

Yeah isn't that what fitting rooms are for? We'd pick out clothes, she'd come inside, watch me undress and put the clothes on, give me feedback. She even played with my hair to get the look and gave me some skincare recommendations.
It was super uncomfortable at first. She was touchy and I get nervous in public but I calmed down.

Re: Anonymouse

 Post date: 2024/4/3 (Wed) 09:16 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Did you just say "watched you undress"?

Good encounter, sad realization

 Post date: 2024/4/2 (Tue) 23:32 Poster: Anonymouse Delete

I'm probably going to get flak for saying this but I went to the store today. As a hikineet I have no idea how to buy clothes. I can't even tell the difference between male and female clothes unless its blatantly obvious.
The only store worker there was a trans. I was shocked at first because I'd never seen one in person. They helped me pick out an outfit. Got me comfortable. Gave me style tips. Even watched me undress and try stuff on so I could get
feedback.But then I realized, they are paid to do this, trans or no trans. Its like we live in a world where there is no real human contact but people simulate friendship, kindness etc. like welcome to the desert of the real
where genuine human face to face encounters are faked.

I wish I never left my room.


 Post date: 2024/4/2 (Tue) 10:08 Poster: Kuskus Delete

hi, I haven't posted here in a while


 Post date: 2024/3/13 (Wed) 01:09 Poster: tsukasa Delete

I'm on IRC, but I will be offline tomorrow and maybe for a few days afterwards.
type /query ds20
It will take a while before my website is up again. I haven't been working on it lately.

tsukasa's web site

 Post date: 2024/3/10 (Sun) 09:58 Poster: Denpa Delete

tsukasa, when are you going to put up your web site?

A new domain

 Post date: 2024/3/5 (Tue) 09:22 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Heads up, the site is now accessible over a new domain, at The current one will remain in active use, just in case.


 Post date: 2024/3/2 (Sat) 21:47 Poster: realweezerfan93 Delete

Hello World!

Goodbye World!

Re: Tired

 Post date: 2024/2/27 (Tue) 05:42 Poster: Denpa Delete

If I wanted to relax I would normally just listen to white noise sounds while pretending you in the scene.
A windy area is a place where I would like to imagine I would be when listening to white noise sounds.
The place I would want to die in is a cold snowy place.
A cold desert on top of a hill, I want to be filled with ectascy before the moment I perish from this world.

I don't know what I even do most days but just simply existing and forgetting what I do.
I'm not sure if I even depise the world because simply I don't think I care about anything at all to have an emotional reaction.

Is the purpose of the simulation to gather data on how humans interact with the world?
Or is it just the creator game?
I am not sure what it is but I don't think the creator of this world is a loving being.
My existence is currently is shutting my self from the world and conusming media.


 Post date: 2024/2/26 (Mon) 21:29 Poster: Midori Delete

What do you listen to when you want to just relax and chill out but your full of pure rage towards the world and want to scream?

Damn, keep failing the sentience test... What does this mean? Am I simulation after all? Is this all a lie? Am I just another scraptard on the shelf?


 Post date: 2024/2/24 (Sat) 23:39 Poster: Denpa Delete

tsukasa is back??? come join that irc server when your vpn software works.

woah... bbs is making a comeback?

 Post date: 2024/2/23 (Fri) 06:52 Poster: potatocider Delete


Re: Corporations

 Post date: 2024/2/19 (Mon) 10:28 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Truth be told, we're kinda doomed. Best you can do is avoid mainstream tech platforms and run your own (like a website or ActivityPub instance), enter webrings, IRCs etc.


 Post date: 2024/2/18 (Sun) 23:31 Poster: Anon Delete

Is there any way we can defeat the corporations or are we doomed? Is there any alternative to the soulless corporate lifestyle of mind numbing labor and unfulfilled life? Is there any alternative?


 Post date: 2024/2/18 (Sun) 21:10 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Do please drop a message from time to time, any visit means a lot


 Post date: 2024/2/18 (Sun) 21:09 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Tsukasa, my man, glad to hear from you again. Your dead silence had me worried.

 Post date: 2024/2/17 (Sat) 04:26 Poster: tsukasa Delete

I'm going to try bringing my site back online soon.
I haven't been able to use MikuMikuOnline because it keeps crashing whenever I open it.
(It's not a linux/wine bug. I'm using Windows XP.)
I want to use IRC again but I haven't gotten any VPN software to work yet.
There are more things I want to do. I've just been worn out for a while.
I will check this BBS if you want to talk.

 Post date: 2024/2/12 (Mon) 07:33 Poster: nanashi-sama Delete

I suppose he just wanted a break from it all.

 Post date: 2024/2/11 (Sun) 20:56 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

For the few people who still come here periodically:

Does anybody know what happened to tsukasa, the guy who ran He closed his site recently, and he hasn't been on MikuMikuOnline since November.


 Post date: 2024/2/10 (Sat) 07:36 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Glad you enjoy it!


 Post date: 2024/2/10 (Sat) 06:23 Poster: Anonymous Delete

Hi, this old-school site is really interesting for me, thanks for it.

Re: Bored

 Post date: 2024/2/7 (Wed) 16:59 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Your first mistake was messing around with stormfags in the first place.

As for the new protection, I didn't have a choice. I think there were 20 spam messages on monday (the one day I didn't check), and they just kept coming after that.
Those seemed to be super low-brow bots that look for completely unprotected forms (You see these on badly made WordPress sites with contact forms a lot), and naturally since I didn't have any, they just went wild.
Be glad I've been looking for ways to not run unwanted JavaScript on your computer :)


 Post date: 2024/2/7 (Wed) 15:10 Poster: Anonymous Delete

I'm tired of stormfags calling me a nigger online. Decided to take a break and build a new computer out of recycled laptop parts. I really want a wood case. 70s Atari style. I miss that hum.

>sentience test
We're not even sure what's sentient anymore. I bet there are bots out there who could pass this easily. Strange world.
Its like when people need to see proof of ID to confirm your a real person even when your stood right in front of them. Your papers dictate your existence.
Before, men wrote papers. Today papers write man.


 Post date: 2024/2/6 (Tue) 22:29 Poster: Salty Delete


A simple antibot measure

 Post date: 2024/2/6 (Tue) 22:04 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Had to do this due to the enormous amount of bot traffic as of late, sorry.

Way more spammers than usual

 Post date: 2024/2/6 (Tue) 17:08 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Man I've been on janny duty all day, what is this wave of spam posts?

Re: usage

 Post date: 2024/2/6 (Tue) 07:32 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Anything, really. Random strangers tend to start smalltalk that I or others try to engage with.

I imagined it to be simply a contact page, but I don't mind anything that isn't outright explicit or indecent.
One day social networking sites will perish, but I'll still have my little corner of the internet.


 Post date: 2024/2/5 (Mon) 15:07 Poster: Anonymouse Delete

Byung Chul Han has inspired me. I will write my own NEET manifesto. Now I must sleep.


 Post date: 2024/2/5 (Mon) 03:43 Poster: nanashi-sama Delete

What's usually talked about here?


 Post date: 2024/2/4 (Sun) 16:32 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

People come from time to time, I try to regularly monitor what happens, clean out spam, the usual stuff.

Feel free to comment whenever you wish.


 Post date: 2024/2/4 (Sun) 05:39 Poster: nanashi-sama Delete

how often is this bbs even used anymore?

Phantasy Star Online self-hosting

 Post date: 2024/2/2 (Fri) 13:39 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

A new blog entry has been published:

Read on how to set up your own Sylverant instance for playing Phantasy Star Online!


 Post date: 2024/1/26 (Fri) 18:05 Poster: spaztron64 Delete

Migration to a new VPS provider has been completed.

Also you people are fucking depressing


 Post date: 2024/1/23 (Tue) 19:36 Poster: Anon Delete

What if i could just kill myself?

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