Welcome to LainNet!

This is a personal site run by spaztron64.
It houses guides, files, a gallery, and even a bulletin board now!
Currently the name has very little to do with SEL, but one day I might rework it into a spirital successor of the now defunct Lainet site.
Please drop by the BBS and say hi!

Update log:

21/12/2022: Host migration and rebrand
19/12/2022: Added the 2D and 3DCG gallery.
14/11/2020: Added the Downloads section.
12/05/2020: Structural changes and migration to new host for file uploads.
22/10/2019: When They Cry section, Higurashi GBA and Hinamizawa Club page added.
14/04/2019: New guide: Video on PC-98 DOS.
12/02/2019: Website opened.