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The forgotten translations by Hinamizawa Club

It is believed that the first English translations of Higurashi no Naku koro ni were published by MangaGamer in late 2009,
and of the demo by Sonozaki Futago-Tachi earlier that same year. However, Higurashi Archive's recent discovery shows that
work has been done as early as 2006 by the now gone Hinamizawa Club.

Editor's notes show that by early 2007, Chapters 1-7 were completed.
Patches for 4-7 require the NScripter releases of either Minagoroshi or Matsuribayashi.
Sadly, Patches for 1-3 seem to have disappeared completely, and Chapter 8 was never translated by the group.

Massive misunderstanding on my part. According to this, Minagoroshi had it's subchapters/days
translated one by one, with the last patch being the one encompassing days 1-7. There's clues hinting that Hinamizawa Club also
did work on previous chapters, but I can't say that for certain since their webpage isn't archived past page 5.

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