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[Third party submission] How to connect a PC-98 to the OSSC
Written by: Shintocetra

The OSSC is a great upscaler for retro video game systems. With a little tweaking, it can also provide HDMI video (and possibly video/audio, depending on your setup) output from a PC-98. I will only list links for purchase of specialized devices.

What you'll need
You'll need this if you want audio output via HDMI, and only if you don't do any of the steps below You don't need, but I recommend OR OR Only needed if you have a a CRT that won't accept PC-98 frequency

In some cases, make sure your monitor/TV is set to Widescreen. Overall, this setup will make the image look better than standard OSSC settings, but it still may have some visual noise.
Both of the optional extra steps I listed will help with this:

HD15-2-SCART route: Kenzei route: BNC route:

Note that this method will not allow you to use the AV3 3.5 mm audio jack input, so you will not be able to transmit audio via HDMI output.