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Neko Project 2 GDI compatibility table

This is a table of screenshots showing which versions of Windows NT will run np2_gdi.
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- : To be done
X : Unsupported architecture

*1 : Confirmed working on NEC PC-98 as well.
*2 : Built with the v13.00.9269.1 CL.EXE, an early version of the VS .NET 2002 compiler. As such, it's very unstable on Vista and newer.
*3 : Dialogs don't open due to a bug in GWLP_HINSTANCE handling by the AXP64 compiler. Floppy mounting can only be done with drag & drop or launch parameters.
*4 : Dialog boxes do not open, and no sound is available.
NT Version/Architecture i386
IA-64 / Itanium amd64 / x86_64 MIPS Alpha 32-bit Alpha 64-bit PowerPC ARM 32-bit ARM 64-bit
3.1 *4 X X - - X X X X
3.5/3.51 *1 X X - X - X X
4.0 *1 X X X - X X
2000 - X X X - *3
XP - *2 X X X X X X
Windows RT X X X X X X X X


Here will be entries that don't fit neatly into the above table.

Image Description
Windows 3.1 (Win32s) - NEC PC-98RL (Hireso machine)