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Driver repository

This section contains various drivers for old home computer platforms.

For NEC PC-9801/9821 series computers:

WIN31_V166.rar -- Set of Win3.1 audio and video drivers for Valuestar machines. Beware that not all components can be installed automatically.

Miscellaneous files

This section contains random files put for sharing purposes, which may or may not be related to vintage computing.

pc98.psf -- PC-9801 system font for use in fbterm and the integrated Linux kernel console.
gta_oldwide_3dfx.zip -- 12MB VRAM limit removal patches and old CLEO-based widescreen fixes for GTA 3 and VC.
WIPESRC.7z -- Source code for the PS1 and Windows versions of Wipeout.

NEC PC-9800 Central #resources-library mirror

This section contains attachments sent in by members of NEC PC-9800 Central to the #resources-library channel.

File Description
ORCAD_3.10_for_NEC.rar No Description
MS-LAN_ManageFor_PC-9800.rar No Description
CorpseP.rar Corpse Party, Revision 1
CorpseVer2.rar Corpse Party, Revision 2
CorpseLast.rar Corpse Party, Final Revision (4?)
Mate-R_bible.pdf The Mate-R Bible, written by @wildcat_300104
COMMANDCOM.ZIP Mooliecool's English translated COMMAND.COM for MS-DOS 6.20
as2.bin PC-9821 AS2/AP2 BIOS.
UNDOCUMENTED 9801/9821 Vol.1, Shift-JIS and UTF-8 Encoded
VEM13113.zip Final version of the VEM486 memory manager. Compatible with Windows.
PCCARD_98note.zip PC Card drivers for 98Note series machines.
win98boot.fdi Boot disk I made that's suitable for installing Win98(SE). It comes with a CD driver, FDISK, COPY and FORMAT, the bare minimum needed to accomplish an installation.
wsna_31.exe MELCO WSN-A2F/A4F driver package for Win3.1. Useful for running 3.1 in a higher resolution on np21/w.
Common Source Code Project PC-98LT and PC-98HA emulators with appropriate BIOS dumps.
PC-PTOS versions 2.4 and 3.0 (startup disks missing)
MS-Windows_386.rar Microsoft Windows 386/2.11
1138_v2.stl FD1138 drive door STL model for 3D printing.
PC-9821_XnXpXs_Window_accelerater_Driver_for_Windows_3.1.rar Xn/Xp/Xs Window Accelerator drivers for Windows 3.1
Common Source Code Project PC-98 emulator binaries and ROMs.
Simple C-Bus OPL3 board KiCAD sch and PLD data by Ethylene.
LHA-301_V1.05.bin LHA-301 BIOS revision v1.05
PCISETUP.rar PCISETUP 1.50, from the Valuestar V166/V200 system restore disks
PC-9821Ra20_PCI.rar PCISETUP 1.40 image, suitable for PC-9821Ra i686 machines (1996-2000)
pc9821cBusCovermk1.5.stl C-Bus slot cover STL by Meowmaster.
Turbo Assembler 2.51 and Turbo Link 4.0. These have been provided to me by, believe it or not, Naoto Niida from C-Lab, and I've decided to share these here because we don't have them dumped anywhere (We only have TASM 2.0).
MUE.EXE C-Lab's Rusty/Totsugeki Mix level layout editor for internal use. Yes, Niida has in fact given me permission to redistribute it since it is not under any copyright.
DOS5.00A-H_installer.zip MS-DOS 5.00A-H installation media created from PC-9821 recovery disks. Thanks, mctek!
vgbpc98.zip Virtual GameBoy 0.6 PC-98 DOS port by Shinya Yamamoto
Princess Maker debug patch and other Gainax game patches.
PC-9821Cx3.rar Full dump of the PC-9821 Cx3 BIOS.
FS.rar FS file manager.
CPM.rar CP/M80 Simulator.

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