This page serves as a portal to other websites you might find interesting.

In this section I will link to sites I directly endorse or am partnered with in some capacity.

Virtually Fun - This is neozeed's blog, covering various interesting topics in regards to vintage personal computing, like OS/2, Windows NT, machines from the first RISC revolution, etc. It is thanks to neozeed that LainNet was able to expand as much as it has. Giving a direct endorsement is the least I can do.

Lameguy64's Website - As the name suggests, this is lameguy64's site. He works on a lot of unique and interesting projects that are sure to catch your eye.

猫川七海's Homepage - Nekokawa's website. A simple website by Nekokawa Nanami.

NetCavy Records - My friend ShinkoNet's website. Very cool fella, does a lot of music stuff.

04.sbs - Tsukasa's website, a cool dude I met at the wssnet.ddo.jp MikuMikuOnline server.

- Check out the Dabun Doumei website search engine!

Lainchan Webring

Aditionally, this website participates in a decentralized webring run by the lainchan.org webring community in the appropriate thread at the /tech/ board.
Please note that this section is not automatically updated, so if a site is missing here, please notify me through one of the means outlined in the contact page, preferrably the LainNet WebBBS.

If you wish to add my site to your webring listing, fetch the following href image:

If you would like to participate in the webring, visit the latest iteration of the webring thread and post your website along with an attached 240x60 banner image.

Now for what you're really after, the webring itself:

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